Pre Labs for Universities  

Provide students with their own private practice lab where they can “learn by doing’ using the latest games technology.

Demo App for Sales Teams  

Demonstrate lab products and how they fit into client lab protocols using a tablet and over the Web.

Virtual Equipment  

Place products in virtual teaching labs to promote brand to academic lab buyers.

Teaching Lab Equipment Sponsors

BMG Labtech
Ocean Optics


"The virtual lab has made a huge difference to what students can do in the real lab. I normally spend 15 hours / week in labs for this course and this has been reduced to 6 hours because the students know what they are doing. Some students spent up to 10 hours in the virtual lab practising the procedures to perfection and when they went into the real lab, they didn’t even refer to the handout or need my support because they knew what they were doing and understood the process."

Dr Tina Chowdhury
Senior Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Science