3D Virtual Pre-Labs for Universities

Provide students with their own private practice lab where they can “learn by doing’, available online 24/7 and using the latest 3D games technology but still running on commonly available hardware.

All technique procedures and 1 lab procedure of their choice are now cost free to university, college and schools lecturers. To get access just sign up, we will verify where you teach and then give you access to create student accounts and choose the procedures you want to use.

Go beyond “recipe” style e-learning, let your students try things out, make mistakes but still be able to assess whether they achieved the goal they were set.

  • Save money with more efficient real lab time usage
  • Reduce student overwhelm factor in labs so they can concentrate on learning the science.
  • Provide access to research and state-of-the-art equipment

Chemistry Pre-Labs

Biochemistry Pre-Labs